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forensic accounting, veterinary science, medical reports, arbitration


Members of the chamber are committed:

  1. To providing background advice as well as formal reports to assist in bringing disputes to a speedy resolution;
  2. To ensuring that they keep abreast of developments in their individual fields;
  3. To produce a preliminary report within 10 working days of receiving all the relevant papers;
  4. To provide firm indications of their fees if so requested;
  5. To accepting peer review by other members of the Chamber of all final reports in order to ensure that all specialist information is presented in an understandable way.


In the current legal climate settling disputes other than by litigation is important. Although our formal reports are suitable for use at trial we recognize that many disputes are better settled before this stage. Our advice can therefore be prepared with this in mind


It is important to be able to rely on the advice that you receive being up to date. All our professions insist on a minimum level of continuing professional development, and we aim to exceed this level. We also all have a keen interest in developments in our professional fields.


A timetable is important. Wherever possible we will assist you in this by providing a estimate to complete the assignment. This is then available for you to plan your case management.


It is not appropriate for experts to work on a conditional fee arrangement. Neither is it normally appropriate for us to work on a fixed fee basis. We do however recognize the importance of budgeting and can normally provide a firm indication of the likely fees if so requested.


Reports have to be technically correct, and understandable. We therefore operate a policy of peer review to ensure that the specialist information contained in our reports is presented in an understandable way.


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