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Loss of pensions in Personal Injury cases

£90 +VAT

8/10/03 am

This course takes you through the types of pension you might encounter, why a loss exists, and the different ways it might be calculated. It finishes with a case study looking at the effect of the various calculation methods.

Loss of earnings calculations

£100 +VAT

8/10/03 pm

This course leads you through properly valuing a loss of earning claim for an employed claimant, or a simple self-employed case. It also looks at aspects other than wages, and the significant amount these add to the claim.

Ogden Multipliers

£50 +VAT

8/10/03 eve

A simple guide to calculating Ogden multipliers, covering contingencies other than mortality, fatal accident cases and unusual periods

Matrimonial funds

£90 + VAT

10/10/03 am

In a matrimonial dispute you need to know what funds can be raised from the business; this is far more important than its value. This course considers what the business can raise, how it could raise it, and how much control an individual has over the funds.

Business valuations

£100 +VAT

9/10/03 am

This course looks at what is a valuation, when they are used and the effect this has on the final figure. It then looks at P:E ratio, Asset based and Discounted Cash Flow valuations, finishing up with a look at minority valuations.

Business basics

£90 +VAT

9/10/03 pm

On this course we look at the different ways a business can be structured, what affects this will have on the business, and what it means for the busy solicitor with business clients or litigants. We also consider what information businesses are required to provide, and how you can use this.

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