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Course for Legal Professionals

As part of our updating service to the legal community we offer a range of course. Obviously these are all approved by the Law Society, and by the Bar Council for CPD. These are offered centrally and are available in-house at your location anywhere in the country.

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Understanding accounts

3 hours, £100 per participant, next course February, Norwich

This course is aimed at litigators and matrimonial legal professionals. It explains what a set of accounts are, why different people produce them and what they should contain. It looks at some of the differences between types of sets of accounts and the effects these have on their use in litigation.
It also shows participants how to find the key numbers in a set of accounts and which areas are less important. It teaches participants how to identify trends and ratios and explains what these mean to the case.
Finally it is designed to instill confidence in participants and enable them to analyze simpler accounts and to discuss them with other professionals and the parties.

Loss of pension

3 hours, £ 90 per participant, next course 8 October 2003, Norwich

This course is aimed at personal injury litigators and matrimonial legal professionals. In the first section it looks at what a pension is, how one is acquired and what the differences are between the assorted types.

The second section looks at loss calculations in personal injury cases, by fund valuation methods, Auty calculations and replacement purchases. It briefly discusses the differences between the outcomes and includes a case study calculation.
The final section looks at pensions from a matrimonial viewpoint. It outlines how such pensions are valued, what the problems are with the standard valuation, and explains the practical mechanisms for earmarking and splitting. It also looks at some of the ways that a pension can be rebuilt and some of the uses of a pension scheme.

Quantum Update

1 Hour, £25 per participant, next course Spring Norwich

This looks at the changes to quantum calculations and the legal professions use of experts over the past year. It is aimed primarily at personal injury litigators but also covers commercial litigation.

Bespoke courses

We write bespoke course on Quantum issues. These depend on the individual requirements of the firms, but are very competitively priced.


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